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Webs, #1 HubSpot Partner in EMEA, helps B2B companies to grow their business in the digital age. Your goal is clear: more traffic, more leads, more revenue. We help CCO’s, CEO’s and Marketing- Sales- and Service-professionals to enhance their entire commercial process from an online perspective: from website, to online Marketing, to Sales closing the deal and Service reducing churn. As an accelerator of digital transformations within knowledge-driven organizations, it’s not a surprise that we are located in the epicenter of innovation: Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Webs consists of 30 professionals (consultants, marketeers, designers, developers) that work for renown companies in B2B: high tech / manufacturing (we are official partner of the MT Made in NL platform), IT and software and Business Services. We always go for measurable results. Let’s meet!

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Great, enthousiastic and creative company!

When we first came in contact with Webs, we were enthoustiastic about the concept, but the timing wasn't there. But our interest stayed and after we got our team together, we've chosen to dive into the deep with Webs. We already worked with Hubspot for our Sales team, but marketing was totally new for us. And what an eyeopener! The inbound marketing concept changed our entire idea of marketing and content. Webs helped us trough every step of the way. They have a lot of great ideas and practical tips to help you. We are still in the process of the implementation of our game plan and we have very high expectations of our further collaboration.

Femke Walda, AliusEnergy - VolThera

20 août 2019

Smooth HubSpot introduction

Webs and Toyota Material Handling are currently rolling out HubSpot in multiple EMEA offices. Apart from a good technical setup, Webs takes our Belgian team by the hand and shows us "how it's done”. This way we are able to get the most out of HubSpot ourselves. Their team handles things in a very structured manner. I enjoy working with them.

Thomas Verheyen, Toyota Material Handling Belgium

20 août 2019

Webs is a great knowledge partner

The partnership we started with Webs had a clear goal from the beginning. MakelMail already had HubSpot, but we needed expert help to get the most out of the tool. This is when we decided to reach out to Webs. Being a Diamond partner in the Benelux showed us that they really know what they are talking about. This is definitely the case. With the help of Webs and their team our knowledge of HubSpot and the power of the tool has become more clear. Their marketing advice has also helped us optimise our own processes even more. If you are looking to work with a partner who knows how to make a business more successful, we highly recommend Webs.

Tim Oldenhuis, MakelMail

07 août 2019

Professional, proactive, skilled

Our first introduction with Webs was when they created our new global website. I would describe the cooperation between JAI and Webs as very professional. From day one, the team made sure to engage the right people in the project depending on which skills were needed in each phase. We talk the same language, so getting the website up and running was a very positive experience. Even with a project group that is scattered through EMEA, Asia and the USA. We still work together in order to grow our business with HubSpot and the inbound philosophy. Webs encourages our team to keep moving forward at all times.

Gregers Potts, JAI A/S

06 août 2019

A knowledgeable & fun team to work with!

Webs has become instrumental in helping us align and implement our lead nurturing and - in my case - the backend structures. You can tell everyone involved loves marketing and knows what they're doing, so I never have to question approaches or tactics and they always provide great insight as to how we can enhance our marketing efforts. Plus, they are just fun to work and chat with! **Shout out to my account managers!!**

Nora Villarreal, TrendMiner

31 juillet 2019

“Oh, my god…" to: “Oh, how cool!"

If you compare TIAS Business School today to what we were doing a few years ago, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. A transition has taken place, not only in our commercial departments, but in our entire organization. With HubSpot and Webs, we haven’t just implemented a tool - we have adopted a new mindset and a different way of doing business. On one hand, Marketing is able to spark a conversation between professors and professionals. On the other hand, we take our colleagues along with us on this inbound journey and encourage them to think about their role. Webs helps us leverage HubSpot in a very efficient manner, and provides operational, tactical and strategic guidance. Now, we are able to measure and visualize the results of our Marketing efforts towards our organization. If I think about the rollercoaster that we are on I often think “Oh, my god…” but when I think about what we have achieved in the past 1,5 years, I think “Oh, how cool!” I am looking forward to what is yet to come.

Judith Slikker, TIAS Business School

31 juillet 2019