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We’re The Crocodile and we love working with ambitious, driven, goal-oriented marketers who insist on exceeding the expectations of their customers. We believe in simplicity and clear thinking, which is why we’ve stripped our strategic outlook back to basic logic built on the power of conversation. It’s a disciplined approach that places the customer at the heart of strategies and requires brands to be more real- time and personal in the way they communicate. We look to build relationships and deliver a style of marketing that feels more human. We specialise in content that adds intrinsic value to the customer conversation and delivers higher degrees of context and empathy. What’s our secret to achieving this? The first step to having a rewarding conversation is to listen. It also helps to have some pretty damn good copywriters, designers, video producers and developers. Next time you’re in Shoreditch pop your head in for a chat. We’d love to hear from you.

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