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We are a privately owned creative agency dedicated to driving growth and demonstrable ROI to our clients by means of marketing, communication and service design. We utilize agile design methods, marketing automation and inbound strategies. We strive to be both creative (we love awesome stuff!), and analytical (we love to measure stuff!) at the same time. We create emotionally appealing concepts that generate measurable reactions. Regardless of the medium, the idea always comes first. We have seen that killer ideas make things happen. We’ve worked with cars and cows, locks and hotels, IT and retail, oil and logistics, the public sector and the export sector. We’ve worked for awesome clients such us Abloy, Atria, A-Katsastus, Digia, Elektria, Helo, ICEYE, Nordtreat, Mitsubishi, RAY, SLO, Sokos Hotels, SOK and Teboil. We are happy to show you what we’ve come up with! Please feel free to drop an email to our CEO and book a meeting: He’d be happy to hear from you.

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New customer-oriented brand and marketing strategy

Blink Helsinki helped us clarify why we exist. They lead us to switch from traditional marketing to inbound marketing where our role is not to sell, but to guide and assist our customers at every touchpoint. Blink Helsinki laid the foundation for our new, more customer-oriented brand and marketing strategy. The strategy was implemented through buyer persona and customer journey mapping workshops into actual content creation. Creative applications such as Beltsi the Bot (a bot that helps a prospect to configure a service offering and define a price range by himself) drive leads for us. All marketing activities cumulate to the same main goal and help us turn our marketing efforts into sales. Blink Helsinki has constantly sparred and consulted us to make the most of our inbound marketing and utilization of HubSpot. I highly recommend these guys!

Jussi Rossi

18 décembre 2017